- Tax Parcel Management System
- Permit Tracking System
- Development Tracking System
- Service Request Tracking System
- Road Asset Management System
- Water Asset Management System
- Sewer Asset Management System
- Water Well Management
- Access to Municipal DataWorks
- Mobile Solutions
- User Security Administration

- Shortest Path Suite
- 911 Emergency Response
- Automated Vehicle Location
- Gas Infrastructure
- Electrical Infrastructure
- Wastewater Flow Demand
- Facility Management
- Municipal Drains
- Forestry

- Utility Shutoff/Outage
- EPANET INP Support Module

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Municipal Information and Utility Infrastructure Management

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is comprises an area of 2,778 km2 and has a population of 812,129 with 340,732 private dwellings (2006 census) .

2003: Infrastructure Plan - Pilot Data Analysis.
From July to November 2003, Hunter GIS was retained to provide professional consulting services for the Area Infrastructure Plan - Pilot Data Analysis Project. Project included web-enabling and hosting of City wide infrastructure files.

2004: Waste Water Flow Demand (West-End - Kanata / Stittsville).
In July 2004 a subsequent contract was signed. This project involves delivery of Professional Consulting Services for Wastewater Flow Analysis in support of “Where will we live?” Land Use Intensification initiatives.

Work included data file integration, data quality control, software customization, unique solution development and web hosting. Data files were web enabled and hosted on Hunter GIS servers using Hunter GIS / Autodesk propriety solutions. A web based expert decision support tool was developed to assist with day to day activities related to Infrastructure Planning including Wastewater Flow Modeling.

The client noted, “The consultant has a lot of experience working with the subject data sets and is quickly able to trouble shoot any problems that arise.”

2005: Waste Water Flow Demand (City Wide)
Based on the success of these initial projects, the City commissioned a follow up Citywide project as part of its continuing “Where Will We Live” Waste Water Flow Demand Update initiatives.

What the client said: “The role of Hunter and Associates was to develop the software solutions on behalf of the City of Ottawa.....The software solutions provided by Hunter and Associates allow City staff to select and manage those data sets in undertaking our analysis and planning functions.” (March 22, 2006)

2007-2008: Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Master Planning Support
Continued hosting (since 2003) of city wide comprehensive water, storm water and waste water infrastructure asset information for master planning and modeling support. Completed City wide delineation mapping of storm water catchments utilizing existing engineering drawings, drainage maps and proposed community design plans. Work included the determination of existing and future populations, parcel unit counts and the preparation of city wide files utilizing ArcGIS and Autodesk MapGuide software to support the City’s Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Master Planning.