- Tax Parcel Management System
- Permit Tracking System
- Development Tracking System
- Service Request Tracking System
- Road Asset Management System
- Water Asset Management System
- Sewer Asset Management System
- Water Well Management
- Access to Municipal DataWorks
- Mobile Solutions
- User Security Administration

- Shortest Path Suite
- 911 Emergency Response
- Automated Vehicle Location
- Gas Infrastructure
- Electrical Infrastructure
- Wastewater Flow Demand
- Facility Management
- Municipal Drains
- Forestry

- Utility Shutoff/Outage
- EPANET INP Support Module

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Municipal Office Suite

Water Asset Management System

The Hunter GIS Water Distribution Application is designed to access local and/or remote servers with Base Mapping, Orthophotos, Single Line Street Networks, and Parcel Tax Assessment, Call Centre and Corporate Billing Information more efficiently maintained and shared by others. Published Water Distribution Infrastructure data may be subscribed to Customer Call Centre, Dispathch, 'Once Call' and Emergency Reponse agencies. Important capabilities also include shut off analysis, meter management and work performance management.

Please see our BROCHURE for more information.

Water Asset Management