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Project Websites

Project Websites

Hunter and Associates has developed a number of dedicated websites for its larger projects. Here you will find reports, maps and other exhibits we have prepared during the course of our work.



Background: The Highland Companies has submitted an application to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to develop a mega-quarry from a dolostone deposit north of Shelburne in Melancthon Township. The proposed 2,300 acre quarry has a wing span of 7 km with an overall surrounding perimeter of about 22 km. Extraction is proposed to an average depth of about 200 feet and a maximum depth of nearly 300 feet below ground. The proposed quarry site is located in an area of provincially significant foodlands, aquifers and riparian headwater streams of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere. Hunter has undertaken extensive studies to assess the potential impacts of this proposed mega-quarry. Click HERE to learn more.