- Tax Parcel Management System
- Permit Tracking System
- Development Tracking System
- Service Request Tracking System
- Road Asset Management System
- Water Asset Management System
- Sewer Asset Management System
- Water Well Management
- Access to Municipal DataWorks
- Mobile Solutions
- User Security Administration

- Shortest Path Suite
- 911 Emergency Response
- Automated Vehicle Location
- Gas Infrastructure
- Electrical Infrastructure
- Wastewater Flow Demand
- Facility Management
- Municipal Drains
- Forestry

- Utility Shutoff/Outage
- EPANET INP Support Module

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Other GIS Projects

Representative Assignments:

Ontario Milk Transport Association
Tracking of Milk Transports

Hunter was retained to develop a system for tracking milk transporters from depot to farm producer to plant and return for over 600 milk pick-up routes. Work involved the research, acquisition and testing of GPS tracking devices, automated receipt and web-enabling of tracking data, display of vehicle tracks with Ontario Road Network files, solution development and analysis of tracking data in support of transportation rate formula review.

CEP International Petroleum (Calgary, AB)
Web Hosting/Vehicle Tracking
Kamchatka Peninsula (Tigil and Icha, Eastern Russia)

Work involved live tracking of exploration vehicle assets with display of seismic survey lines and satellite image data in a hosted high performance web environment utilizing Hunter GIS solutions and Autodesk MapGuide v6.5 for delivery of mobile asset location information to remote sites with poor Internet access.

City of Carmel (Indiana, USA)
MapGuide Applications

Hunter was retained by the City of Carmel to develop a number of applications and to integrate these into the City's interal and/or external MapGuide websites. Applications included: Traffic Counts, Address List, Subdivision Search/Query, Crime Data, Crime Watch Data, and Pictometry Integration.

Government of Nunavut
GIS Pilot Project

Hunter provided hosting (ASP) services and data conversion for all GIS data for the Arctic community of Pangnirtung Government of Nunavut (GN). Hosting utilized MapGuide Enterprise. New solutions were developed for management and tracking of property leaseholds and development activities. The client stated “We are very impressed with your work that has been done and the service that we have received.”

Environment Canada - Meteorological Services of Canada
Autodesk MapGuide Consulting Services

Hunter prepared customized query and reporting software functions to monitor the meteorological network of Canada and report back current climate station instrument errors and warnings histories for specific time periods. Work completed on time and on budget. Client described the Hunter GIS solution implemented as “just wonderful”.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
MapGuide Consulting Services

Hunter GIS has provided Autodesk MapGuide support services to AECL since 2002. This work has included installation of MapGuide server updates and integration with AECL’s Facilities Management System (FAMIS/ORACLE). Hunter also established a process to convert Microstation data files to MapGuide format.

L.U. Maughan Company Limited
Web Hosting

Hunter provided LU Maughan with a hosted GIS solution that included several layers of spatial data of the Parry Sound, Ontario area, plus a downloadable version of the property survey for each available parcel. This was provided to approximately 20 local real estate companies and the Parry Sound Real Estate Board. Hunter provided LU Maughan with GIS hosting, 24/7 high speed access, data updating and maintenance. Services also included a custom interface and login and password security for each client.

Brookfield and LePage Johnson Controls (BLJC)
BLJC CAFM MapGuide Prototype

BLJC manages over 6,500 buildings throughout Canada. Hunter GIS assisted BLJC in implementation of an Autodesk MapGuide Facilities Management Solution integrated with BLJC “Real Suite” product.

Work included restructuring of existing BLJC Autodesk Architectural Desktop files, creation of MapGuide SDF files, incorporation of intelligent linkages to BLJC Real Suite databases, incorporation of on-line dynamic floor theming to illustrate selected Real Suite databases and integration of Autodesk software products within BLJC's Real Suite product. Routine solutions programming was performed by BLJC staff with high level conceptual input from Hunter GIS. Hunter assisted in developing integration strategies and approaches using Autodesk Map and MapGuide Technologies with BLJC propriety technology to deliver Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM).

Snertill (Kopavogur, Iceland)
HGIS Clipping Application

Work involved implementation of graphic and attribute data clipping solution for City of Kopavugur, Iceland. Initial solutions enabled on Hunter GIS MapGuide servers accessing data files on MapGuide servers in Iceland.

Manitoba Hydro
Web Based Enterprise GIS

Hunter services involved web-enabling of province-wide data and solution delivery in support of three hydro-electric generation proposals. Work included implementation of Autodesk MapGuide Solutions to view province-wide resource, environmental and engineering data. “Goto” and graphic layer (600 + layers) management solutions were developed for internal staff and consultant access to site specific proposed hydroelectric generating station areas. Work also included implementation of redline solutions for on-line reporting of environmental and engineering study results. Solutions were developed on Hunter GIS MapGuide servers with remote access links to Manitoba Hydro MapGuide data servers prior to transition to Manitoba Hydro IT and Oracle platforms.

Indianapolis Water Company
Web-Based Enterprise GIS Implementation

Hunter GIS was retained by Indianapolis Water, Indiana, to assist with their corporate Intranet GIS start-up based on the Autodesk MapGuide and ORACLE platforms. Indianapolis Water has been in operation for more than 120 years and serves approximately 260,000 customers. Hunter provided Indianapolis Water with advanced Solution development and remote support for their MapGuide Enterprise GIS Implementation on an as required basis.

City of Kingston, Ontario
Turnkey GIS Implementation

The City of Kingston is located in Eastern Ontario. The City comprises an area of 450 km2 and has a population of 117,207 with 53,838 private dwellings (2006 census) . At the time of Hunter’s work, the Public Utilities Commission in the former City of Kingston had about 15,000 gas and 30,000 electrical customers.

Hunter GIS provided comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services, including software, hardware, systems networking, data conversion, data integration, application development and technology transfer, for this multi-year Utility Enterprise GIS Implementation. Work for each major utility theme - gas, electrical, water and sewer, was conducted in stages with Stage I representing the conversion of all existing hard copy and digital documents as made available. Successive stages included linkage to corporate customer databases, exception identification, field inspections, scrubbing and complementary population of databases. The database generated for the former (old) City of Kingston form the basis of the new amalgamated City GIS.

This process was very successful at identifying unbilled service accounts which offset the cost of the work

Work also included modeling of the gas distribution system and support for electrical system restoration after a major ice storm.